Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kiss and Motley Crue Rock San Antonio

I went to the Kiss and Motley Cue "The Tour 2012" concert at the AT&T Center on Sunday and it was absolutely amazing. The show opened with "The Treatment" which is a very good modern band with classic rock influences. They're better than most modern bands in my opinion. Then Motley Crue went on stage with their wicked set. They had a thing that looked like a small ferris wheel that the drum set was connected to. It was motorized and had a track so that the drummer could play upside down! Crue was loud and wicked as they played hits like "Girls Girls Girls" and "Kickstart My Heart". Finally, Kiss came on stage with style, descending to the stage floor on a platform. I have always wanted to see Kiss with all their costumes and make up on. I like quite a few Kiss songs but I always thought they were a bit tame but their performance was anything but tame! They were loud and aggressive with lots of pyrotechnics. It was an amazing sight! They played hits like "Detroit Rock City" and saved "I wanna Rock and Roll All Night" for their encore performance. They ended with lots of pyro and excitement. It was one of the best hard rock and heavy metal concerts I have ever been to.

                                                                     Motley Crue Set


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A-16 Invader Air Show Carpet Bomb

My first video is of an A-26 Invader doing a simulated carpet bomb drop. Its my most popular video and I was very surprised by its success on YouTube. It currently has about 367,000 views! It took about a year and a half for this video to get popular and once it did, it just took off! I never expected that because most of my videos have a few hundred views or less. Anyway, this is my most impressive video in terms of sheer firepower and excitement. People have been commenting on YouTube that it's "fake" and all I can say is "duh!". It's not a real bomb, it's ground based pyrotechnics. So now, without further ado, here is the video.


   Hello, this is my new blog showcasing my air show videos. This is my first blog so if you have any advice, send me a message.
   First off, a little about me. My name is Mario and I am a proud San Antonio native. I am going off to college soon and I am really excited! I plan on studying mechanical engineering and physics.
   My videos are filmed at Randolph and Lackland Air Force Bases in San Antonio, Texas. Every year we have an airshow called "Air Fest". The host switches between Randolph and Lackland every year.
   In addition to my airshow videos, I will be posting things related to aviation and San Antonio.
   Have a great day!